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Prayer Counseling is inner healing based on the Lordship of Jesus Christ, prayer and the application of Biblical principles and truths.

Each session begins with a prayerful examination of the fruit in a counselee’s life. Bad fruit is then traced to bitter roots through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

With prayer and the Holy Spirit‘s leading, the blood of Jesus Christ and the power of the Cross are all applied to the deep wounds and practices of the heart.

If you would like to schedule for PRAYER COUNSELING, please contact us.  Session are about 1 hour and 15 minutes, and for now are conducted on an appointment only basis.  It is recommended that you participate in EMOTIONAL RELEASE also, preferably first.  A GROUP EMOTIONAL RELEASE SESSION is acceptable.  Although we are a non-profit organization, we recommend that each client contribute a donation for services rendered.  HOWEVER, no one is turned away because they are not able to contribute a donation.  Some individuals donate in order to sponsor an individual or couple for prayer counsel. We also receive donations from fundraisers, book and music sales.  In addition, we are applying for grants that will provide funding for certain individuals to receive the prayer counsel.  While we believe that a workman is worthy of his hire, and it is our duty to compensate our prayer counselors, this is after all a ministry...and we turn NO ONE away...regardless of their ability to donate.


If you would like to be trained in PRATER COUNSELLING, please contact us.  We will be having initial training classes soon -- get on the wait list.  We are looking at the initial class being conducted in 5 sessions -- a Friday night and Saturday.  The next classes will be 3 hour sessions on a weekly basis for 13 weeks.​​​  Lynn and Norman are seeking certification through Elijah House to teach.  Until we receive the certification, we will have certified instructors teaching the classes.






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Emotional / Physical and Healing 

Emotional Release Sessions

Educational Workshops for the Equipping of the Saints

Celebrate Recovery Meeting​s

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24/7 Crisis Center​​

We minister to:  ​​Individuals 18 and older -- all are welcome regardless of Race, Faith or Background