​631, 633, 635 and 637 McKean Avenue, Donora, Pa 15033
724-557-1108 (And YES -- you may text!)
Addictions * Forgiveness * Depression * Anger * Generational Sins * Marriage *
Emotional / Physical and Healing 

Emotional Release Sessions

Educational Workshops for the Equipping of the Saints

Celebrate Recovery Meeting​s

​​Christian Coffee Shop​​

24/7 Crisis Center​​

We minister to:  ​​Individuals, couples, and groups 18 and older -- everyone is welcome regardless of Race, Faith or Background



We will be adding the CD's from some of the groups that visit with us for the Singspiration Services.  You will be able to purchase the music from here to keep up with your favorite groups.

If you are a Gospel or Christian Music Group, and have music for sale,  We would be honored to look at your work and possibly list it in our store for sale for you.  We have an online store and shopping cart and can carry inventory of your products -- or we can link to your ​​store and cart.