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We minister to:  ​​Individuals, couples, and groups 18 and older -- everyone is welcome regardless of Race, Faith or Background




We are looking to put a theater team together.  The Coffee Shop will not only host Singspirations, but will also host Comedy and/or Mystery Theaters Events.  We plan to offer these as fundraisers for the ministry -- a fun fundraiser, if you will!  Only material that is suitable for the Christian walk will be used -- in other words, we will not be using any materials with vampires, zombies, ghosts, monsters, etc.  We will have events specifically for children, teens and adults.  We will also have family oriented events that are appropriate for all age groups.  Some will have audience participation and some will be done with our theater team.  All will have a theme -- and most you may dress to the theme if you like.  We do have to pay for the materials and performance rights, and in some cases royalties
​ depending on the number of performances we do, and/or the location of performances -- therefore, these events will be ticketed fundraisers for the ministry.  We hope to take the performances to hospitals, hospice, nursing homes, homeless shelters, rehab facilities, half way houses, prisons, churches and ministries.  

Please pray for:
 Theater Director
   Volunteer Actors
   Volunteer Actresses
   Volunteer Stage Crew
   Volunteer Sound Crew​
   Volunteer Lighting Technician​

   Volunteer Team Leader for Advertising
   Volunteer Team Leader for Decorations
   ​Volunteer Team Leader for Ticket Sales
   ​Volunteer Team Leader for Registration
   ​Volunteer Team Leader for Seating
   ​Volunteer Team Leader for Pictures
   Volunteer ​Event Food Manager

   Volunteer Costume Coordinator​
   Volunteer Prop Manager
   Volunteer Prize Coordinator​​

   Decorations and props for each performance​​​​​​​
   Volunteer Publicity Manager​